Athletic Hall of Fame » Selection Procedure

Selection Procedure

A. Nominations will be solicited through the community via all medias and/or submitted by committee members, (limit three (3) per member), before October 31 of each year..
B. Nomination should be submitted on the proper form and provide a brief description of the candidate's biographical information. Any other pertinent information should also be included. Nominations will be considered for  three-year period. After the three-year period, the individual or team must be re-nominated.
C. All nominations must be submitted as per published deadline. 
D. Candidates will be screened on the eligibility requirements based on the Eligibility Criteria of Section II.
E. Following the screening procedure, the history/research committee will investigate and verify the candidate's qualifications based on the biographical information provided. The history/research committee will present it's findings of each candidate to the full committee prior to final vote for induction.
F. Three-quarters of the committee must be present to hold a vote for selection. Elections will be based on receiving affirmative votes from 3/4 of the attending members. A closed voting session will be conducted on the candidates utilizing a written ballot.
G. The Chairperson and the Athletic Director will tabulate the vote and announce the results to the committee.
H. The committee will predetermine the election date.
I. The committee will determine the date, time, and location of the induction ceremonies.
J. If any member of the committee or member of his/her family is nominated, that committee member will not be permitted to discuss or vote on that respective candidate.
K. Procedure for Team Voting: 

1. Team voting will follow the same criteria as that for individuals.
2. Even though a team is nominated and selected, it is not mandatory that the team be inducted immediately (see #3 below).
3. The Committee, at its sole discretion, will determine when a  team is to be inducted. Consideration will include, but is not limited to, the following:

a. Number of individuals to be included for any given year
b. Number of team members
c. Financial status of the Hall of Fame