Office of Special Services

Welcome Back to School Year 2022-2023!
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The Bordentown Regional School District Child Study Team:

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Mrs. Vanessa Bekarciak Director of Special Services 1129
Mr. Brandon Aaronson Administrative Assistant  1129
Mrs. Jennifer Kafer Administrative Assistant  1136
Ms. Jane McManimon Administrative Assistant  1135
Ms. Leigh Raskin School Psychologist 1131
Mrs. Tina Zack School Social Worker/ District Homeless Liaison 1132
Dr. Suzann Mohacsi Learning Consultant/ Transition Coordinator 4159
Mrs. Kristin Callahan Learning Consultant 2012
Mr. Douglas Corbin School Psychologist 2013
Dr. Patricia Costigan Learning Consultant 3140
Mr. Michael Priano School Psychologist  5209
Mrs. Christine Tice School Social Worker 3142
Mrs. Adrienne Sigler School Social Worker 4128
Mr. Robert Zimmer Learning Consultant 4130
Ms. Rebecca Beebe School Psychologist 4129
Ms. Carly Turner Speech and Language Therapist 4161
Ms. Heather O'Laughlin Speech and Language Therapist 4207
Mrs. Courtney Finn Speech and Language Therapist 3262
Ms. Dawn Gergich Speech and Language Therapist 1144
Ms. Jillian Larned Speech and Language Therapist 5321
Ms. Christina Kittel Occupational Therapist 1135
Mrs. Kathleen Jagodzinski Physical Therapist 1135