Office of Special Services

The Office of Special Services would like to welcome everyone back to the 2019-2020 School Year! 
The Bordentown Regional School District Child Study Team:
Mrs. Vanessa Bekarciak, Director of Special Services     609-298-0025 x1129
Mr. Brandon Aaronson, Administrative Assistant            609-298-0025 x1129
Mrs. Sharon Gansloser, Administrative Assistant           609-298-0025 x1135
Mrs. Jennifer Kafer, Administrative Assistant                  609-298-0025 x1136
Dr. Diana McNeil, School Psychologist    609-298-0025 x1131
Mrs. Tina Zack, School Social Worker/ District Homeless Liaison     609-298-0025 x1132
Mrs. Suzann Mohacsi, Learning Consultant/ Transition Coordinator  609-298-0025 x4159
Mrs. Kristin Callahan, Learning Consultant  609-298-0025 x2012
Mr. Douglas Corbin, School Psychologist    609-298-0025 x2013
Dr. Patricia Costigan, Learning Consultant   609-298-0025 x3140
Mr. Michael Priano, School Psychologist      609-298-0025 x5209
Mrs. Christine Tice, School Social Worker    609-298-0025 x3142
Mrs. Adrienne Sigler, School Social Worker  609-298-0025 x4128
Mr. Robert Zimmer, Learning Consultant       609-298-0025 x4130
Ms. Rebecca Beebe, School Psychologist    609-298-0025 x4129
Mrs. Jackie Chen, Speech and Language Therapist      609-298-0025 x4161
Ms. Chelsea Kehr, Speech and Language Therapist     609-298-0025 x4207
Mrs. Courtney Finn, Speech and Language Therapist   609-298-0025 x3262
Mrs. Gail Katz, Speech and Language Therapist           609-298-0025 x1144
Ms. Jillian Larned, Speech and Language Therapist      609-298-0025 x5321
Ms. Christina Kittel, Occupational Therapist  609-298-0025 x1135