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Office of Special Services

"In an effort to ensure and enhance the possibilities for excellence in the education of our children in a free society, and to achieve the goal of empowering all students to be active, skilled, and independent learners, the Bordentown Regional School District commits that it will provide resources and opportunities that will enable staff to meet the academic and psycho-social needs of all children in Bordentown through program development, active participation, focus on Core Curriculum Content Standards, and community involvement." Mrs. Vanessa Bekarciak, Director of Special Services

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Special Education Services:  Students with disabilities that significantly impact upon their educational progress may be eligible for special education and related services. Upon referral, the Child Study Team (School Psychologist, Learning Consultant and Social Worker) will meet with the family to discuss concerns and to determine if evaluation is necessary. If a student is found to be eligible, an Individual Education Program (I.E.P.) will be developed to meet the educational needs of the student. Programs may include accommodations and modifications in the general education setting to small class instruction with a special education teacher. All decisions regarding the IEP are discussed at least annually and the parent/guardian is encouraged to be an active participant in the process.







Director of Special Services 


Mrs. Vanessa Bekarciak

CST Secretary Mr. Brandon Aaronson
CST Secretary Mrs. Sharon Gansloser
CST Secretary Mrs. Jennifer Kafer
School Social Worker Ms. Adrienne Sigler
School Social Worker Mrs. Christine Tice
School Social Worker Mrs. Tina Zack
Learning Consultant Mrs. Kristin Callahan
Learning Consultant Dr. Patricia Costigan
Learning Consultant Mrs. Suzann Mohacsi
Learning Consultant (Interim) (M.T.W) Mrs. Amy Rivera
Learning Consultant Mr. Robert Zimmer
School Psychologist Mr. Doug Corbin
School Psychologist Dr. Diana McNeil
School Psychologist Mrs. Caren Opremcak
School Psychologist Mr. Mike Priano
Speech and Language Therapist Mrs. Jackie Chen
Speech and Language Therapist Mrs. Gail Katz
Speech and Language Therapist Ms. Chelsea Kehr
Speech and Language Therapist Ms. Jillian Wingo
Occupational Therapist Ms. Tina Kittel