Administrative Team

Contact information for all BRSD Administrators is provided below.  To e-mail any of the following administrators simply click on their name.


Administrator Name

Office Phone

Dr. Trudy Atkins, Superintendent 609-298-0025 ext. 1211
Chifonda Henry, Business Administrator

609-298-0025 ext. 1204

James Lymper, Director of Curriculum & Instruction 609-298-0025 ext. 1181
Michele Henry, Assistant Principal for Elementary Curriculum and Instruction 609-298-2600
Matthew Gens, Supervisor of Language Arts, 6-12 609-298-0025 ext. 1181
Dr. Andrea Knorr, Supervisor of Math and Science, 6-12 609-298-0025 ext. 1181
Vanessa Bekarciak, Director of Special Services 609-298-0025 ext. 1135
Robert Walder, Bordentown Regional High School 
609-298-0025 ext. 1102
Jennifer Cicale, Interim Bordentown Regional High
School Assistant Principal
Meredith McCormick on leave through May 15th, 2023
609-298-0025 ext. 1106
Michael Melvin, Bordentown Regional High School 
Assistant Principal
609-298-0025 ext. 1107
Joseph Sprague, Bordentown Regional Middle School 
609-298-0674 ext. 2003
Robert Schurtz, Bordentown Regional Middle School 
Assistant Principal
609-298-0674 ext. 2011
Daniel Riether, MacFarland Intermediate School Principal 609-291-7192 ext. 5213
Louisa Kenny, Clara Barton Elementary School 
609-298-0676 ext. 3102
Megan Geibel, Peter Muschal Elementary School Principal/Affirmative Action Officer 609-298-2600 ext. 4100
Jason Pascal, Peter Muschal Elementary School 
Assistant Principal

609-298-2600 ext.

Dr. James Fazzone, Interim Assistant Principal for Athletics
K-12 Supervisor of Health & Physical Education
609-298-0025 ext. 1114
Joanne Kotelnicki, Transportation Coordinator 609-298-0674 ext. 1177
Jodie Glenn, Director of Community District Alliance (CDA) 609-298-0674 ext. 1202
Daniel Cumming, Director of Technology 609-298-0674 ext. 1203
Thomas Fryc, Director of Buildings and Grounds 609-298-0025 ext. 1116