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HIB Policy and Contact Person Information

Harassment, Intimidation, and Bullying Policy and Specialist Contact Information

In accordance with recent legislation, the District's Harassment, Intimidation, and Bullying Policy is being made available for your reference. The District is committed to promoting a safe and respectful environment for all who attend, visit, or work in our schools, and this policy provides specific ways in which this mission shall be realized.

Comments and feedback are welcome, now and through the year, as the policy is implemented. Please feel free to contact the District Bullying Coordinator, Helen Geiger at ngeiger@bordentown.k12.nj.us, your child's school principal, or the Superintendent, Dr. Edward Forsthoffer, at eforsthoffer@Bordentown.k12.nj.us with your feedback.

District Bullying Coordinator:

Helen Geiger at  ngeiger@bordentown.k12.nj.us    Phone: 298-0025

Bordentown Regional High c/o Office of Special Services 318 Ward Avenue Bordentown, NJ

School Anti-Bullying Specialists:

Bordentown Regional High: Michelle Leusner MLeusner@bordentown.k12.nj.us 298-0025 x1182

Bordentown Regional Middle: Toby Sebelist Tsebelist@Bordentown.k12.nj.us 298-0674 x2015

MacFarland Intermediate: Katerina Devito kdevito@Bordentown.k12.nj.us 291-7192 x5209

Peter Muschal: Margaret Muha mmuha@Bordentown.k12.nj.us 298-2600 x 4200

Clara Barton: Jan Wilson jwilson@Bordentown.k12.nj.us 298-0676 x x3128