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District Facility Scheduling Coordination


Effective July 1, 2012

It is District policy to permit responsible individuals or organizations the use of school buildings and athletic fields to the extent that there is no interference with the educational programs.  The complete control of school buildings and equipment is, by law, vested in the Board of Education, and the administration of the rules and regulations governing the buildings is delegated by the Superintendent of Schools to the Director of Operations & Security and the Director of CDA. When school buildings are used for the purpose other than for school use, additional expenses are incurred by the public school system.  Those expenses include, but are not limited to heating, lighting and other related operating costs. Therefore, changes in policy have been made by the Bordentown Board of Education to cover these costs. It is important to note the use of Class Categories to determine the organization’s group classification.  Use of school facilities shall be granted within the limits prescribed in District Policy #1330 as revised and adopted on December 7, 2011. Please call Ms. Witman at 298-0025 x1202 for detailed scheduling and facility/room/field fee information, or if you have any questions. Thank you!


Class I –School Related Groups (SRG)

 School Related Groups (SRGs) are not charged facility/room/field fees. However, the SRG may be subject to fees associated with custodial services if events are not held during regular custodial hours or if the event requires additional coverage.  The SRG will be charged for technical fees associated with use of the *PAC, *BRMS Auditorium, and all Athletic Fields/Courts if additional technicians are needed for an event. Those groups include but are not limited to:

PTA, PTO                                                                     Superintendent’s Council                                   

Student Clubs                                                                Principals’ Council

Athletic Booster Clubs                                                    Teacher/Staff Professional Development

Student Council/National Honor Society                           All District Affiliated Student Organizations

Township & City Police/Fire/Rescue Departments            BRSD Employee Unions

City & Township Senior Citizen Groups                            Education Foundation


*PAC – Performing Arts Center              *BRMS – Bordentown Regional Middle School


Class II - Recognized Non-Profit Youth Community Groups (NPYCG)

Recognized Non-Profit Youth Community Groups (NPYCGs) are charged a $25 per organization facility/room/field annual registration fee. In addition, NPYCGs will be billed an annual seasonal rate of $100/facility for use of indoor facilities and a seasonal annual rate of $150/facility for use of outdoor facilities. The NPYCGs will reimburse the district for custodial coverage if the events are not held during regular custodial hours or the event requires additional coverage.  The NPYCG will be charged for monitor/security fees and for technical fees associated with use of the PAC, BRMS Auditorium and all Athletic Fields/Courts. NPYCGs may be subject to fees associated with hosting outside groups - such as a tournament. NPYCG include but are not limited to:

Boy and Girl Scouts                                                       Cubs and Brownies                               

BABL and CYO Basketball                                             Bordentown Little League           

Bordentown Community Soccer Association                    Local Church Youth Groups

Bulldogs Football League                                                Youth Wrestling

Community AAU Programs                                             Good News Club

Witches, Bandits, other local Athletic Leagues/Teams      Lacrosse


Class III –Non-Profit Adult Community Groups (ACG)

Non-Adult Community Groups (ACG) are charged a $25 facility/room/field registration fees.  The ACG must reimburse the district for custodial coverage associated with use of facility/room/fields. The ACG will be charged for monitor/security fees, as well as, technical fees associated with use of the BPAC, BRMS Auditorium, and all Athletic Fields/Courts.  Those groups include but are not limited to:


Bordentown Men's Soccer Association                            Bordentown Women's Softball League

Bordentown Historical Society                                         City & Township Senior Citizen Groups  

DBA and Chamber of Commerce                                     Local Church adult groups

Community Concert Association                                     Bordentown Elks and American Legion

Bordentown Rotary Club                                     Alumni Groups and Tournaments

Bordentown Adult Baseball


                                    Class IV - Non-Recognized Groups

Non-Recognized Groups (NRGs) are invoiced for facility fees, security, custodial fees, tech fees, and any other charges that the district would incur.  Those groups include but are not limited to:


Schools, Colleges and Universities                      Unions, Commissions, and Associations

State and Federal Government                            Educational Testing Services                             

Dance Schools                                                  Businesses

Athletic Leagues/Teams outside of Bordentown    Tournaments


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For additional assistance using School Dude or for any facility scheduling or rental related questions, please contact:


(609) 298-0025 EXT. 1202

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