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In our Language Arts block we will be learning and enhancing our reading strategies and becoming the best reader we can be.
*We will be using Reader's workshop model and adapting different areas to meet our needs. We will also continue with the SRA corrective reading program to build our stamina, fluency, and vocabulary. This month, we will begin to use the Fundations language program to fourth enhance our spelling, reading, and writing. We have a lot of learning going on in Room 305!
 Throughout October, we have studied characters, themes, story elements, and making connections within texts. We have also continued to work on our vocabulary and spelling. We continue to meet with our SRA groups to strengthen our reading and comprehension skills.
This month we will be focusing on Argument Based Research and Debatable Issues. Students will read articles based on opinions and study different arguments. We will learn and practice debates, understand the language of an opinion essay, and cite evidence. 
Our SRA groups will continue to meet 2 times a week in small group. We will have weekly spelling homework based on our Fundations unit words. Students will begin to see how every element comes together in our classroom.

Choosing a Just Right Book


Easy Books:

  •      You can read all of the words.
  •      You can understand all of the ideas.
  •      You have read it many times before and can read it fluently/smoothly.


**Just Right Books**:

  •      You can read almost all of the words.
  •      You can understand most of the ideas but there are some things that make you think.
  •      You’re interested in the book.
  •      You can read most of it fluently.


Hard Books:

  •      There are many words that you don’t know or understand.
  •      It doesn’t make sense to you.
  •      It's confusing.
  •      You wouldn't be able to talk to someone about what you are reading.