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About Langauge Arts 7

COURSE DESCRIPTION Language Arts (L. A.) is a course that develops reading, writing, speaking, listening and viewing skills. In L. A., students read many types of texts and express their understanding of texts through writing and speaking, as well as visual and creative responses. Students will also refine their knowledge and use of sentence construction, usage, grammar and mechanics, developing more sophisticated writing techniques. Students will build higher-level thinking skills while expanding their skills in reading, writing, speaking, listening and language. L. A. students will have many opportunities for expressing themselves through an assortment of projects and assignments and by developing a portfolio containing a wide variety of products.


SUPPPLIES  For this class, students will need pencils or blue/black pens, a 2-pocket folder and one of the following: a binder with loose-leaf paper and 4 dividers (preferred) OR a 3-subject notebook OR a 5-subject notebook. A pen of another color, a pad of sticky notes and a USB storage device are also helpful, but not required.


RULES  While in class, students will follow all school rules and behave with courtesy and respect. Specifically, I expect students to:

  • Listen to and follow all directions the first time.
  • Speak one at a time so that everyone can be heard, rather than calling out.
  • Not touch others or their belonging; keep hands, feet, and objects to themselves.
  • Avoid swearing, teasing, put-downs or name-calling.
  • Refrain from chewing gum.
  • Clean up after themselves.
  • Cooperate with everyone in class – students and staff (including substitutes).
REQUIRED READING   In addition to reading for assignments that are part of the L. A. curriculum, students in L. A. will take part in Sustained Silent Reading (SSR) for 10-15 minutes each day. Students must at all times have a fiction or non-fiction book (not magazine, newspaper or catalog) in class with them. Periodically, students will complete response activities related to their SSR books. Reading material should be of an appropriate reading level and parents should be aware of and approve the content of SSR material.
GRADING POLICY  Marking period grades are based upon the following formula: 
20% Homework
20% Participation & Class Work
30% Quizzes & Tests
30% Projects & Writing Assignments
Homework is due at the beginning of class on the day after it is assigned, unless otherwise specified. Work turned in after class has started is LATE. Assignments turned in ONE DAY LATE will earn half credit. Any assignment turned in more than one day late will not earn credit, although students should complete all assignments in order to be prepared for quizzes, tests and projects. Homework is turned in to the appropriate assignment tray in the classroom, or kept in the L.A. notebook, depending on the directions for each assignment. Once a marking period, a student may turn in one completed homework assignment late at any time for full credit. Students are always responsible for turning in all homework. I will not ask for missing assignments.
Class work assignments are due at the end of the class period, or at the beginning of the following class period for students who are unable to complete an assignment in class. Class work is submitted in the same manner as homework, and the same late rules apply. Class work includes individual and group assignments.
Participation includes preparation for class (bringing all materials to class –assignment book, notebook/folder/handouts, text book, pen/pencil – every day), SSR (bringing a book every day, reading during SSR time and completing response activities) and participation grades for taking part in class and group activities and discussions, using class time appropriately (such as time provided for projects or Writing Workshop) and special assignments. Students who are unprepared for class will be allowed to borrow needed materials (if they are available), but lack of preparation will lead to deductions from the preparation grade.
Other Assignments (special long-term homework assignments, projects) are due at the beginning of class on the day specified as the due date. Late assignments lose 10% of the earned grade for each day late.
An assignment not turned in (or test not taken) will be counted as a ZERO and entered as such in PowerSchool until the assignment is submitted (or the test made up). This includes work missed due to absence. Remember that any late project will receive a reduced grade.
Extra Credit is only for students who complete all required assignments, NOT for raising a poor grade at the end of the marking period. Extra credit is rarely offered.
ABSENCE FROM CLASS   When absent, students should ask another classmate about the missed class, check the assignment binder in the classroom, or check our class homepage. Absent students must make up all missed assignments: notes, class work, homework, quizzes, and tests. See the student handbook for the school policy on making up work when absent. Students who are absent when a test is given should make arrangements to take the test upon returning to school. Students who are absent the day before a test and know about the test are usually expected to take the test. Students are always responsible for obtaining all notes and assignments missed due to absence and for making arrangements to make up any material missed due to absence. Students should not expect the teacher to provide work the student has not requested. Generally, quizzes and tests may not be made up during class – otherwise students miss class and fall further behind!

All assignments must be written legibly in pencil or dark blue or black ink ONLY! Please do not use other ink colors, especially pastel or fluorescent shades- I cannot read nor will I accept work in such colors! Typed assignments must be double-spaced and printed in black ink in size 12 plain font (such as Arial or Times New Roman).


THE DAILY ROUTINE  When students come into class, everything they need to know for the day will be posted on the board. Students should check the board for:

  1. Directions for handing in homework (or keeping it in the notebook)
  2. The “Do Now” task – writing prompt, editing passage, SSR or other activity
  3. The topic of the day’s lesson and related activities
  4. Class work and/or Homework assignment
  5. Announcements and reminders (project due dates, notice of quiz or test)


  • By phone, call the school at 298-0674 (8:25am – 8:55am or 2:10pm – 2:40pm) and ask to speak to me, or
  • Leave a voice mail message at 298-0674 extension 2108, or
  • E-mail me at:, or
  • Drop me a note through your student.