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Talking to Children About Violence

Once again, as a nation, we are shocked to learn of another school shooting.  Students, parents, faculty members, are understandably anxious and fearful.  As we try to wrap our minds around the unthinkable and try to answer questions for which we have no answers, our anxiety deepens.  We are all trying to balance the knowledge that our schools are safe with the idea that a disturbed person, with a mission and the resources, can steal that safety away from us.
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All Schools to Open On Time On Friday, March 9th

Hopefully everyone has made it through the storm safely. Our schools are ready for tomorrow and we will be open on time. We have spread sand in our parking lots, but there will be some refreezing tonight. Also, there is the possibility that bus stops may have large piles of snow in front of them. Please plan ahead and leave extra time in the morning for getting to school.
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All Bordentown Regional Schools will be closed on Thursday, March 8th

Due to the winter storm, we have a number of trees down and power outages throughout the district. For this reason, the Bordentown Regional School District will be closed on Thursday, March 8. All school and outside organization activities scheduled for the district are also cancelled. The Board meeting and the middle school talent show will be postponed and rescheduled shortly. Stay safe and stay warm!
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There will be an early dismissal today for all Bordentown Regional School District schools

All after school activities will be cancelled and the Board meeting will be postponed until Thursday evening.

The high school will dismiss at 11:40
The middle school will dismiss at 12:05
MacFarland and Clara Barton will dismiss at 12:40
Peter Muschal will dismiss at 1:00

Due to the timing of this storm, the CDA is cancelling AFTERCARE. If your child normally attends our After Care program, please make sure that he or she is aware of where to go at the end of the half day.
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