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Ms. Medici's Third Grade News

                                             Halloween scene

September was a very busy month!  Students became acclimated to all of the rules, routines, procedures, and expectations of third grade.  Independent reading levels were assigned and the students have been reading and writing diligently!  Reading and writing partnerships were established, and the class is already preparing to publish personal narratives.  Students have learned Everyday Math slate procedures, games, and were able to use Everyday Math tools such as the template, ruler, calculator, tool-kit clocks, balance scales, and multiplication/division fact triangles.  A unit on "Animals" is underway as students are learning all about vertebrate animals.


October is going to be a "SPOOKTACULAR" Month!  Below, you will find the concepts and skills introduced:

Reader's Workshop-  

Building Comprehension Skills through the use of a Reading Notebook

(Following Textual Cues While Reading, Envisioning, Listing Important Information, Predicting, Retelling)

 Tackling More Challenging Texts

(Figuring Out Hard Words, Using Textual Clues to Figure Out the Meaning of Unfamiliar Words, Making Sense of Figurative Language, Talking Back to the Text, Raising the Level of Questions to Unearth Deeper Meaning: Considering Author's Purpose)


Writer's Workshop-

Writing Effective Personal Narratives

(Becoming a Storyteller on the Page, Writing "Grabbing Leads", Revising by Studying What Other Authors Have Done, Developing the Heart of the Story, Paragraphing to Support Sequencing, Dialogue, and Elaboration, Rereading to Build Writing Stamina, Writing Discovery Drafts, Writing with Fluency, Thinking, "How Do I Want My Readers to Feel?", Writing Effective Endings, Checking for Sense, Practicing with Correct Usage of  Quotation Marks and Conventions, Focusing on Tenses and Pronouns, and Using a 3rd Grade Writing Checklist to Revise/Edit Writing


Everyday Math- Unit 2 Concepts:  Extended Facts: Addition and Subtraction, Solving Number Stories with Pictures/Diagrams, Multistep Number Stories Using Two Operations, Solving Equal Groups Problems with Multiples/Array Problems, Creating Mathematical Representations for Solving Division Problems, Solving Division Number Stories with Remainders, Exploring Even/Odd Number Patterns, Reviewing Frames and Arrows Diagram by Solving Problems Using the Four Operations, Exploring Fraction Circles, Area Measures, Liquid Volume in Liters.


 Science- Studying Characteristics of Vertebrate and Invertebrate animals


 Social Studies- State and Federal Government, Current Events, Map Skills