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Duo Multi-Factor Authentication FAQ

What does the login process look like using the Duo app on my cell phone?
What does the login process look like using a hardware token?
Can I use a smart watch to log in through Duo?
Yes. At this time only Apple Watches are supported by Duo.  You can accept the Duo push notification on your Apple Watch without the need for your cell phone.  Click here for a short demo of the authentication processing using an Apple Watch.
Is there any difference between logging in with my cell phone as opposed to using a hardware token? 
Yes.  There is no data entry required when logging in using the Duo cell phone app.  When logging on, you will receive a push notification on your cell phone asking you to approve or deny the login attempt.  You will tap approve or deny to complete the login process.  The hardware token option will require you to enter the 6 digit numeric code, which is displayed on the token, into the Duo window on your computer when you log in.
Do I need a hardware token if I chose to use the Duo app on my cell phone?
No, you will not need a hardware token if you chose to log in using the Duo app on your cell phone. 
If I change my mind can I select a different option?
Yes, if you would like to change to the Duo app or hardware token at any time please put in an IT request and we will make the configuration change for you.  
Exactly what information is logged in Duo if I chose to log in using the Duo app on my cell phone?
Click here to see an example of the authentication log.  This is my log for the past few weeks.  All of the logins were done from within the Bordentown Regional School District.  You'll notice the city/state is not always the same.  This is because Duo logs the location of the nearest internet service provider, not your exact location.
Can I memorize the 6 digit numeric code on the hardware token so I don't have to carry it with me all the time?
No.  The 6 digit numeric code on the token changes every 30 seconds.  The code is never the same.
How long does the hardware token last?
The battery in the hardware token is good for 2-3 years.  Once the battery dies, the hardware token must be replaced.  The district will cover the cost of replacing the hardware token due to a dead battery.  
What if I lose or break my hardware token?
You must contact the Technology Department.  You will be required to pay for the cost of the replacement token.  At this time, the cost of a hardware token is $22.  
Are students required to use Duo?
No, at this time Duo is for staff only.  
Can I chose not to use Duo multi-factor authentication?
No, all staff are required to log on using Duo MFA.