Insurance Information

Dear Parents,

As we begin another school year, it is important to clarify the types of insurance coverage we have in the event one of our student is injured during the school day or while participating in an athletic practice or event.

We carry excess insurance coverage for any injuries that occur while a student, student teacher, or volunteer are injured while on District premises; or while participating in an authorized District activity, including all Interscholastic Sports. Excess coverage means that the parents’ primary insurance is first, and our policy would cover any excess amount not picked up by the primary insurer. An example of this would be if the parents’ insurance carries a deductible. Excess insurance only covers the difference between the parent’s insurance and a ‘reasonable and customary fee’, so it is possible that a parent would still have some out-of-pocket expense. If parents do not have any medical insurance at all for the child, the school’s insurance becomes primary and will cover all of a reasonable and customary fee for necessary medical or dental treatment.

It is essential to note that all accidents must be reported to the school nurse or athletic trainer immediately, and an accident report must be filled out. Parents must file a claim with their personal medical insurance first, then if necessary an excess claim should be filed with our carrier within 90 days of the accident. Our carrier is:

BMI Benefits, LLC.
PO Box 511
Matawan, NJ 07747

Whenever you have a question about an injury to a child, please first call your school principal. I can reached at 609-298-0025 x1204.

Thank you for your attention to this issue.


Chifonda Henry
School Business Administrator