Talking to Children About Violence

Here in Bordentown, I have been in communication with both police chiefs and they have pledged to increase the police presence at drop-off, dismissal, and throughout the day.  Of course, our School Resource Officer is present in our schools and we will continue to institute all security measures as well as practice security drills and remind students to report anything out of the ordinary. 

As a parent, you will likely have conversations with your children regarding these incidents.  It is a difficult but an important conversation to have.  Please remind your children to tell you or a trusted adult anything that is a concern.  If you hear something, please report this to the police and your child’s school.  Below, is a one-sheet flyer by the National Association of School Psychologists to assist you in your conversations.  By clicking on the link at the bottom, there are more resources to aid you.

Research shows that our schools are safe places.  These incidents fly in the face of that knowledge but we will remain ever vigilant to protect your children as well as our faculty and staff.  The school community will continue to work with our parents and law enforcement to ensure the safety of all who come through our doors.

Please enjoy this three-day weekend with your children as we keep the families of Parkland, Florida in our thoughts and prayers.


Dr. Edward Forsthoffer
Superintendent of Schools