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Inclement Weather


In the event of inclement weather or other emergency, the Bordentown Regional District schools may be closed or starting time delayed.  This information will be broadcasted over the radio station  -New Jersey 101.5- Trenton.  An automated telephone message will be made to all families. Please be sure to keep the Main Office of your child's school aware of any contact information changes.  This type of communication is critical to the effectiveness of this service. This will also be posted on our website and on our phone system.      

When schools are closed for inclement weather, no transportation will be provided for students enrolled in any public, non-public and special ed schools.  When there is a delayed opening due to inclement weather, all public, non-public and special ed schools will picked up at the delayed time. (Example: If there is a 2hr delay, all students will be picked up 2hrs later than their normal bus stop pick up time.  If your stop pick up time is 7:00am, add 2hrs and the pick up time will be 9:00am)