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Emergency Information


The safety of our students and staff is this Department’s highest priority.  Working in conjunction with the Bordentown City Police Department, Bordentown Township Police Department and the Bordentown Fire Departments, the District’s Department of Safety and Security has developed pre-determined procedures and protocols to address a number of possible emergency situations.


Our department is trained to respond to all local public health and safety emergencies including the execution of lockdowns and evacuations.  Due to security precautions, details of these responses will not be publicized. 


Absolutely critical to our plan is your cooperation. The primary goal of this plan is to ensure the safety of all.


During the unlikelihood of an emergency at our school(s), here is some information to keep in mind:

  • In the event of an emergency at the school, the students may need to be sheltered in their classroom or they may need to be evacuated to another location.  Parents or guardians coming to the school could seriously disrupt the execution of our emergency plan.  Parents or guardians could divert efforts and attention away from the matter at hand.  Parents or guardians driving to the school will cause congestion in the area where emergency vehicles and equipment may need quick access.
  • Please reframe from calling the school.  School administrators will be occupied seeing to the safety and welfare of all during an emergency. In addition, calls to the school will take away from the primary mission.  Phone lines need to remain clear and must be used by essential personnel only.
  • Please refrain from calling 9-1-1.  Police dispatchers will be busy handling the emergency at hand, as well as, any other calls that are on-going.
  • Once again, parents or guardians are urged to listen to public safety announcements made at the time of the incident, which will provide information and guidance on the situation.


Please remember your cooperation and assistance is vital to the success of the plan.     


                                          "The security system must always achieve its objective, if it does not, you have to fix it."           

                                                                                                         Clifford Lewis, Former Pro Football Player