Welcome Back Staff

These staff members commitment to their profession, the District and to our students is greatly appreciated!  Thank you to all our staff members for making a difference.

Jodie Glenn, Director of CDA

Cynthia Gola, H.S. Secretary

Wilma Mitchell Carter, Business Office, Personnel

Jenny Farina, Elementary Teacher, CBS

Michele Fecher, English Teacher, BRHS

Thomas Ridolfi, Social Studies/Math Teacher, BRMS

Lisa Swanson, Elementary Teacher, CBS

Roberta Hance, Paraprofessional

Rhonda Lichter, Basic Skills Instructor, PMES

Dawn Rossell, Elementary Teacher, PMES

Frank Stout, Custodian

Pictured from left to right:  Dawn Rossell, Roberta Hance, Rhonda Lichter, Lisa Swanson, Michele Fecher, Jenny Farina, Wilma Mitchel-Carter, Jodie Glenn and Dr. Edward Forsthoffer.