Ancient History

Ancient History

Ancient History is the study of the earliest humans to the first great civilizations, ending with the Fall of Rome. In this class students will be studying six units. They are :
The Rise of Civilizations
Ancient Egypt and the Near East
Ancient India
Ancient China
Ancient Greece
Ancient Rome
Students grades will be based on class organization/participation, homework, quizzes, projects/presentations, and tests. This is a semester course, lasting 2 quarters of the school year.

Homework Hotline (609)298-0674 x2206

            Homework assignments will be left on my voice-mail and webpage each night, along with any other important information. If you call the school and dial my extension, my message will have the assignments for that night.

Materials needed for class each day:

  1. Textbook – History Alive! The Ancient World
  2. A 3 ring binder
  3. Pencils 
  4.  BRMS Student planner