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Problem of the Week

Problems of the Week (POWs)  have a point value of zero and count in the homework portion of a student’s grade.  In general, POWs are distributed on a Monday and are due on a Friday and are NOT accepted late (unless the student was absent on Friday).  POWs are extra credit and are automatically placed into powerschool (in other words, a student does not have to decide to use a POW or not) in the marking period in which it is due.  Typically, POWs are worth 5 points, so correctly answering two POWs, with corresponding work and/or explanation, will make up a missed homework assignment.  Even if homework is never missed, POWs will be included in a student’s homework average.  If powerschool shows a zero out of zero, it simply means the student either did not attempt and/or did not correctly answer or sufficiently explain the POW,  and a zero out of zero does NOT negatively affect a student’s average.