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S.W.I.R.L Binder

What is an S.W.I.R.L Binder? A S.W.I.R.L. Binder is a special notebook that you will take home and return to school every day.  Your S.W.I.R.L. Binder will help you become organized and it will provide important information for your parents. Why is it called a S.W.I.R.L. Binder? This acronym stands for: Students Weekly Information (for) Responsible Learning  Do take very good care of your S.W.I.R.L. Binder because we will be using it all year long.


Do use your S.W.I.R.L. Binder every day!  It is a useful organizational tool.

Do take your S.W.I.R.L. Binder home every day and bring it back to school the next morning.

Do share your S.W.I.R.L. Binder with your parents every night and go over any homework or assignments with them.

Do remember to put your homework back inside your  RED folder inside your S.W.I.R.L. Binder. 

Don’t leave your S.W.I.R.L. Binder at home, in the car, or at a friend's house.

Don’t draw or write on your S.W.I.R.L. Binder.

Don’t eat or drink around your S.W.I.R.L. Binder.

Don’t take papers out of your S.W.I.R.L. Binder

without going over them with your parent.  



Red Take-Home Folder

RIGHT POCKET- This is where you will find homework that needs to be completed and brought back to school.

LEFT POCKET This pocket is for notices, lunch calendars, newsletters, etc. from the office, and where students will bring home completed work.

Zipper Pouch

From time to time you may need to send money to school for book club orders, lunch, etc. That’s what the zippered pouch is for. This pocket is also to be used to send notes to the teacher that need immediate attention, such as doctor’s notes, written excuses, etc.  Students may also keep school supplies in the pouch.


This is where you will find the homework assignments that are assigned during the week.  From time to time, I may also write you a personal note in this book.  Please check and sign the assignment book daily, after the assignments are completed. Completed homework should be returned to school in the red folder.


Sheet Protector

Clear sheet protectors will be used in our binder. Here's what we will keep in these sheet protector:

1.Hundred Chart

2.SWIRL Binder Rules

3. Humanities Schedule