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Jason D'Annunzio » Mr. D'Annunzio's 3rd Grade Health Page

Mr. D'Annunzio's 3rd Grade Health Page

Welcome to 3rd Grade Health! 
I am so excited to meet all of my students at Peter Muschal School! 
All 3rd graders will have health once a week, for the entire year. Please check your child's schedule for their specific day. 
Students are expected to have a pencil, folder, and paper to right on. I will supply scissors, glue, markers. crayons, and other supplies for class assignments. If your child would like to use their supplies, they are more than welcome to! 
Third graders will be taught:
  • Importance of Health
  • Health Triangle- physical, mental, social
  • Nutrition
  • Body Systems
  • Drugs and Medicine
  • Relationships
  • Safety Concepts
Students will participate in fun/organized activities in health class. Activities could include:
  • Fitness Games
  • Social Health Challenges
  • Relays- Nutrition, Fitness
  • Body System Mini Project
  • Class Skits
  • Safety Group Activities
  • Wheel if Misfortune- Students love to spin the wheel ! 
  • Eggs-pert
  • Fitness/Nutrition Jingo
  • And many more!!!!!!!!!!!
All activities that we will participate in should be completed in health class! I will give me students plenty of time to complete them in class. 
Students will be graded on:
Both are awesome websites! Parents, please feel free to look at both websites.
hillendale health