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A Model of Mutual Cooperation and Collaboration

Years ago the Board recognized the value to the community by continuing this partnership with CER – now CDA - as a community based and focused organization through in-kind contributions of office space and use of district facilities for program, as well as access to administrative support - including legal, accounting and payroll and other business office functions.  This is a significant contribution to an organization that is not a BRSD program.  It is also a major factor as to why the tuition and fees for our childcare programs remain so competitive.

In exchange CDA provides and/or manages important services for the District including thesuccessful management and oversight of the Performing Arts Center and District-wide Scheduling of our Facilities & Fields - bearing the full salary and benefit package for both professionals.  Our district wide collaborations and community partnerships have been proven to be mutually beneficial to both entities.

As a community partnership, we offer our tremendous thanks to the Board of Education and Administration for allowing us unfettered access to district facilities, we are able to continue to offer high quality program at relatively low cost.


CDA's Vision

The shared Vision of the Community District Alliance is based on the passionate belief in the great strength of our community and in our exceptional community educational system. We see vital and sustainable neighborhoods filled with people who celebrate their diversity and heritage. We enjoy safe and harmonious schools, neighborhoods and fields, and a wide range of cultural, educational, recreational and athletic opportunities. Our children are the center of our focus. We are life-long learners, and have achieved our full potential within a supportive and economically vibrant community.

CDA's Promise

The CDA Associates Promise to be Clear, Consistent and Courteous in the Execution and Delivery of CDA Programs and Services.