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STEM Project

CDA Supports Our Bordentown Regional Middle School STEM Club
Check out pictures from our STEM Fair Family Night
on Thursday May 10th
Meeting #1 - Electricity and Circuits led by BRHS sophomore Julia Peterson
  • Scientist of the Day - Georg Ohm
  • Experiment - Make Your Own Circuit
  • Related Careers - Electrical Engineer and Electrician
Meeting #2 - Oxidation led by BRHS junior Carly Mollin
  • Innovator of the Day - Joseph Priestley
  • Experiment - Apple Oxidation Experiment
  • Related Careers - Chemical Engineer, Catalytic Chemist and Materials Scientist
Meeting #3 - Winter Olympics and Physics led by BRHS senior Reena Zhang
  • Utilize a variety of experiments to demonstrate how physics plays a role in athletics such as bobsled, ice skating and snowboarding
Meeting #4 - Crystalline Solids led by BRHS senior Sarah Reichard
  • Innovator of the Day - Frank Wilczek
  • Experiment - Make Your Own Crystals
Meeting #5 - Robotics led by BRHS senior Evan Braasch
  • Innovator of the Day - Cynthia Breazeal
Meeting #6 - Planning for STEM Fair on May 10th